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5 Top Tips For Caring For Your Electric Scooter Battery

Aug 26,2022

1. Keep the battery fully charged

Almost every Electric Scooter comes with lithium-ion batteries, and it's best to keep them charged to improve their lifespan—in fact, draining these batteries completely all the time can damage them.

Our general advice is to recharge your battery at every opportunity, don't let it drop too often, and keep it below 50%. This will keep the battery working at its most efficient, higher capacity for longer for the longest range possible.

2. Let the battery cool before charging

When you're done using an e-bike, it's usually easiest to remember to plug it in. If you can, let the battery cool down a bit (about 15 minutes) before continuing to charge it.

Why? Battery systems tend to charge most efficiently when they are still warm after immediate use. You might not notice a difference in the short term, but in the long term it could cause the battery capacity to decrease over time.

3. Charge your metrics

Your e-bike will have an indicator light to show when you want to see if the battery charge cycle is complete. This could be on the charger, on the battery itself, or on any monitor you might have, depending on your specific e-bike. It's worth waiting for this indicator to show a full charge, rather than assuming it's charging after a set amount of time.

4. Keep the battery away from extreme temperatures

You can still ride your e-bike in hot or cold temperatures without risking damage to the battery. However, it's best to keep the battery in a moderate temperature range as much as possible.

If the battery is regularly stored in extremely hot and cold temperatures, the battery will not function properly and will either discharge faster or not fully charge when plugged in. Naturally, this reduces battery performance and shortens life over time.

5. Store your battery charge

If you find that you haven't used your e-bike for a few weeks or more, try letting it charge. Every battery manufacturer and e-bike brand tends to recommend different products, but a good rule of thumb that is easy to remember is to fully charge the battery and then recharge it every now and then.

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