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How to choose the snowboard&skis that suit you

Jul 05,2021

How to choose the snowboard&skis that suit you?

Snowboards can be divided into children's, ladies' and men's snowboards. The most common method is to sort from size.

Children: 80-140cm Ladies: 140-150cm Men: 150 or more

However, because many children are growing very fast, and some women are very tall, or men are not tall, when choosing snowboards, you cannot follow the above rules. In short, you can find a board that suits your length according to your height.

According to the different versions, we can divide snowboards into camber, rocker, flat and hybrid. Camber is the most common board type that is arched upwards. The rocker is the arch facing down. Flat means that the board surface is flat. Hybrid is a combination of two or more board types, such as camber, rocker and flat, and can have various combinations. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the camber and rocker board types. I believe it can help you choose the board that suits you.




-More stability

-More pop

-Better at high speed, steeps, and jumps

-More powerful, precise, and in control feel


-Takes more effort to control

-Catches more easily

-Doesn’t float well without taper/setback




-Easier turn initiation

-More forgiving/less catchy

-Easier butter tricks and presses

-Naturally helps float in powder


-Less stability

-Not as much pop

-“loose” feel

-Not as good at high speed



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