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How To Choose The Length Of The Skis

Jul 08,2022

The choice of the length of the snowboard is definitely not as simple as subtracting 12-15cm from the height. This is the easiest choice for beginners. To understand how to choose the length of the ski, you must know what type of board you use and your skill level. , after comprehensive consideration, you can find the length of the snowboard that suits you.


1. Type of competition

Competitive snowboards are generally divided into giant slaloms and small slaloms. A skier who can control a competitive board should have a very high level, and the length of the ski depends entirely on the feeling. The large slalom board generally chooses a length similar to your own height, and the small slalom board generally chooses the length minus 15cm. But if you're after speed, choose a longer one for more stability.

2. Conventional snow trails in the whole area

This is the most common type. Most snow friends use this type. In fact, the all-around board can also be classified into this category, with a waist width of 68-75. This type of board generally can be reduced from 15cm to 5cm in height. The choice depends entirely on your level and skiing habits. Beginners are recommended to choose short, easy-to-control and improve the technique. Advanced skiers actually prefer to enjoy the fun of speed, so the board should be relatively long. In addition, heavy people should also choose a little longer.

3. Wild snow in the whole region

The boards of the wild snow in the whole region are generally relatively high-end, with a waist width of 76-85mm. But in fact, this board wastes its wild snow function in most parts of China. Changbai Mountain and Xinjiang will be the places where the performance of this board can be exerted; some ski trails in Wanlong, Duole, and Yabuli can also be suitable for this board. For this kind of board, I recommend choosing the shortest height minus 10cm. The wider the board is, the longer the length should be increased accordingly. Because buoyancy is the key in wild snow, don't think about the edge, the real wild snow does not depend on the edge.

4. Wild Snow

Not many people pay attention to wild snowboarding in China, but if skiing is white opium, wild snow is morphine. Wild snowboards are generally between 88-120 wide. As mentioned above, wild snow buoyancy is key. The choice of wild snowboard is generally at least as high as the height, and such as those with a width of more than 110, you can hardly find a board below 176cm. You sank in the wild snow 5 meters deep, but it is very difficult to get up.

5. Cat Jump

Cat springboards are actually a unique category that few people use. The professional cat springboard is a very thin board with a waist width of less than 60mm and a large turning radius. So don't think that the small slewing board can practice cat jumping, cat jumping is not about walking. The cat springboard is first soft and cannot have a metal reinforcement layer (such as Ti). Generally, people who can buy professional cat springboards are very skilled people, and they will feel the length themselves. This is just to remind you not to use a hard board to practice cat jumping, and cat jumping is not a small slalom.

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