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Introduction To The Longboard Features And How To Play

Aug 12,2022

Longboards, firstborn from surfboards and roller skate wheels, are similar to surfboards/snowboards with wheels. Compared with ordinary skateboards, it has a longer and wider board, larger, softer, and wider wheels, longer battery life, better road adaptability, faster start-up time, and better handling.

Features of longboards

Longboarding is also a type of board sport, but longboard sports are different from skateboard sports, which are two different sports.

The longboard is very versatile. There are no strict regulations on these games internationally.

The gameplay of a longboard is almost always a speed hook, and when downhill, the speed is usually up to (30--120km/h). The existing world record is 143.89km/h.

The fun of longboard is downhill, slide, drift, dancing, fancy freestyle, obstacle slalom, walking, etc.

The longboard is rich and diverse because of its gameplay.

Various ways to play

The longboard gameplay is not fixed, it can be flexibly interspersed, and skaters have their own styles. If you really like longboards, you can try all of the above. Another charm of longboards is the communication between skateboarders. Playing with several people is always more fun than playing alone. Some people use longboards as means of transportation for long-distance travel.

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