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Introduction To The Types Of Longboards

Jul 22,2022

Introduction to the types of longboards

cruiser longboard

Cruising among the most popular types of longboards, there are endless options for cruiser longboards. Cruiser longboards are often used for cruising or transport. These are great longboards for riding to the store, coffee shop, or work. Cruiser longboards don't have to be limited to one riding style, so they're great longboards for beginners who want to test out what they like best.

Carved Longboard

Carved longboards make you feel like you're surfing or snowboarding. Engraving longboards can be top mounted or pass-through. They use wheel cutouts or wheel wells to avoid wheel bites. Most sculpted longboards have a short wheelbase for responsive cornering. Carvers can be great fun on slight slopes.

Needle tail longboard

Pintail longboards have a pointed nose and tail. The center of the board is wider to allow for standing without wheel bite. Pintail longboards are great for carving and cruising.

through the longboard

Truck mounts for drop-out longboards are mounted on the deck of the board. This brings the board closer to the ground, which increases stability. For this reason, descending through a longboard is ideal for downhill longboards.

Downhill longboard

Downhill longboards are used for high-speed downhill riding. These boards are stable and fast. Most downhill longboards will pass, as this type of truck mount is the most stable.

Freestyle Longboard

Freestyle longboards are generally very similar to downhill longboards. Because freestyle longboards are done at high speeds, the best decks tend to get knocked out.

Kicktail Longboard

Tail longboards have an upward sloping lip at the rear end of the board. Kicks allow placement of feet that are good for tricks and jumps. Most kick tail longboards are on the shorter side, between 30 inches and 35 inches. Kicktail longboards are best for cruising and park riding.

Top mount longboard

A top mounted longboard is any longboard where the truck is mounted directly below the deck of the board. The top-mounted longboard has better steering, so carving is easier. However, top mounts tend to be less stable.

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