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Longboard Truck Cleaning

Mar 11,2022

It is common for dirt and other residues to get between your longboard trucks, which is why we recommend cleaning them once a month. The first step is to unscrew the truck from the board and get yourself a freshwater hose or run it through tap water. The importance of rinsing with water is huge, this will help reveal all the grime residue.

Once you have done this, you should take a clean sponge and prepare the soap and water mixture. Dip a sponge into it and remove any residue from the longboard truck. Repeat the rinsing process and use the soapy sponge a few times until you are 100% satisfied with the results. Make sure to do the same procedure on both sides of the board, paying special attention to where the truck is attached.

The final step is to wipe the trucks with a cloth, let them air dry for a few hours, and then reattach them to the board. Regarding the maintenance of your longboard truck, you can prevent squeaks by applying a few coats of soap shavings to the pivot cups. In addition to eliminating distracting noises, you'll enjoy the truck's smoother motion.

Last but not least, what should you do if the truck makes a clicking noise. In most cases, the problem has to do with the bushing slipping out from under the washer, which you should be able to fix by bolting it on.

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