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Classification And Introduction Of Snowboards

Apr 08,2022

Snowboards are generally divided into alpine boards, cross-country biathlon boards, diving boards, freestyle boards, snowboards, etc. Some brands of snowboard surfaces use an anti-slip coating. The material of the product is ABS-modified material, which has good impact resistance and good toughness. It is used on both sides of the snowboard surface to play a reinforcing role.
Here are the materials for the rest of the skis:

(1) Core: CORE, the core is mainly composed of different wood, glass fiber, and carbon fiber through different arrangement positions and staggered layers to produce different snowboard performance.

(2) Bottom: The bottom materials of the major snowboard brands are different, but they are mainly divided into two types. One is called the extruded bottom. This kind of bottom is relatively soft and the speed is naturally relatively slow. Repair is more convenient, and generally suitable for Park; there is also a kind of sintered plate bottom, which is relatively hard and fast, but relatively difficult to maintain and repair, generally suitable for Freeride. In addition to these two, there are many hybrid soles, which determine the different speeds and wear levels of the snowboard.

(3) Blade: There are roughly two types of blades for a veneer. One is a steel blade, which is stronger and more durable. It is used in Freeride and Freestyle. The disadvantage of a steel blade is that it is difficult to polish and requires professionalism The other material is the copper blade, which is relatively soft and has a correspondingly shorter lifespan. It is more suitable for playing various props in the park, and there will be no situation where the rail is stuck. The copper blade is more polished.

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