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What Are The Components Of A Snowboard?

Nov 11,2022

What are the components of a snowboard?

board core

The core of the board is mainly composed of different wood, glass fiber, and carbon fiber through different arrangement positions and staggered layers to produce different snowboard performances. It is the most critical factor in determining the performance of a snowboard. It mainly determines the weight, elasticity, and hardness of a board. Three main performance parameters, major brands name different grades of cores, from increasing weight to decreasing elasticity


The board surface is not as simple as a beautiful pattern. Some brands use anti-slip coating, and some brands are easily scratched.

Bottom of the board

The bottom materials of the major snowboard brands are not the same, but they are mainly divided into two types. One is called the extruded bottom. In the park; there is also a kind of sintered plate bottom, which is relatively hard and fast, but relatively difficult to maintain and repair, and is generally suitable for high mountains. In addition to these two, there are many hybrid soles, which determine the different speeds and wear levels of the snowboard.


There are roughly two types of blades for veneers, one is a steel blade, which is stronger and more durable, and is used for Freeride (alpine board) and Freestyle (all-around board). The disadvantage of the steel blade is that it is difficult to polish and requires professional personnel and tools; the other material is the copper blade, which is relatively soft and has a correspondingly shorter lifespan. It is more suitable for playing with various props in the park and will not appear on the Rail. In the case of the card blade, the copper blade is more polished.

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