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What Are The Things To Keep In Mind When Skateboard?

Oct 28,2022

What are the things to keep in mind when skateboarding?

1. Adjust the wheel before use to make it run freely.

2. Use the lock nut to adjust the elasticity of the seat cushion according to your usage.

3. Pay attention to waterproofing, try not to let the skateboard enter the water, and do not slide on wet or rough roads.

4. Beginners need to slide on slopes with small inclinations with the help of relatives and friends, and gradually change to different slopes with the improvement of technical level. In an emergency, you can choose to brake with your foot or jump off the board. When jumping off the skateboard, be careful not to bump into people or other objects around you.

5. If it needs to be replaced, it should be replaced according to the specifications of the existing accessories. It does not have to be the same as the original accessory specification.

6. Bearings generally no longer require additional lubricating oil.

Having fun while skateboarding is the most important thing, but safety is also something we cannot ignore. Only by keeping ourselves safe can we do more difficult movements.

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