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Proper Storage Of Longboards

Mar 18,2022

Since longboards are enjoyed in spring and summer, you should store your surfboard in proper conditions during inclement weather. The fact that most longboards are made of maple and plywood makes them very sensitive to rain and snow damage. With that in mind, you shouldn't risk leaving your longboard outside, even if it's just for a few days.

Sudden temperature changes can cause the wheels to become brittle and the grip belt to slip. This is the main reason why you should store your longboard in a warm and not damp room. Of course, you should move it out of the way so no one can step on or trip over it. When it comes to storing longboards, our favorite thing to do is invest in a proper rack. Yes, it's more expensive, but it's the best option if you want to keep it intact for the off-season. For those on a budget, there are several options, such as installing a double coat rack, using a guitar coat hanger, or a sturdy garage hook.

At the end of the day, the offseason is the perfect time to do a routine inspection of your longboards and replace any worn parts.

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