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Storage And Cleaning Of Inflatable Paddle Boards

May 06,2022

1. After using the inflatable paddleboard, remember to remove all the accessories to avoid scratching the board when packing the paddleboard; then you must rinse it with water to dry the water to ensure that the paddleboard is dry when folding and storage are dry. state.

2. Although the design of the inflatable paddleboard is mainly to facilitate storage in the bag, people with storage space (for example, in the garage) usually make the paddleboard in part of the inflatable state. If you use the paddleboard more frequently, you don't want to deflate it every time. It is recommended that you let go of a small amount of gas to the temperature of the place where the memory is stored is too high.

3. Excessive heat can lead to natural expansion, thereby causing sewing power, and may even cause the paddleboard to break. Generally, extreme temperature fluctuations are not friendly to human-made anything, let alone inflatable paddleboards. The ideal storage method and place are cleaning, folding, and storage in the environment of normal climate (between 5 °-45 °).

How to clean the paddleboard?

1. After use, please be sure to wash the paddleboard. When you ride for a day, the sediment and water plants in the river will be attached to the surface of the paddle plate. If it is not cleaned, it will be packaged, and this debris will destroy the texture of the surface of the paddleboard.

2. If you like to fly in the sea, in addition to cleaning the surface of the paddleboard, you need to dry the paddleboard. If the inflatable paddleboard is stored, it is stored if it is not dried.

3. Do not use any cleaner containing chemicals (even soap) when cleaning. Just sprinkle water with a hose to air dry.

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