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The Difference Between Land Surf Skateboard And Skateboard

May 27,2022

Land Surf Skateboard:

Surfboards mainly rely on the undulation and diffusion of waves to generate slope and push. There are not many places suitable for surfing in China, and most of them are inland, while skateboards have many venues. But the bridge of the land surfboard is alive. Unlike ordinary skateboards, they use the body swing and the center of gravity to transfer back and forth to imitate the action of surfing and moving forward on the land. The surface of the land surfboard usually looks thick and round, and the width is generally around 25cm or wider. Such a width can be more accurate when the foot transmits the force to the bracket.


Skateboards evolved from surfing. Both require mastery of balance and control of the board. This is the foundation and the most fundamental. Skateboards mainly rely on human acceleration, and part of the gameplay relies on downhill terrain. Although skateboarding is dominated by surfing. Movement evolved. However, the gameplay of modern skateboarding has already surpassed surfing and has become a unique sports category. The environmental requirements of the two are different. Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land, without geographical and climatic restrictions.

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