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What Are The Different Sizes Of Penny Boards?

Jul 29,2022

Did you know that Penny Board comes in five different sizes? Standard Penny 22", slightly larger Penny 27", this 29" Surfboard, 32" Cruiser, and 36" Longboard. Large or small, all Penny models are perfect for different skating styles.

22” Skateboard

Our 22" Penny is the perfect size for skaters looking for easy transport and is perfect for our Penny Pouch backpack when you're not skating. It's also great for younger riders who are smaller in size.

27” Skateboard

The 27" is the ultimate all-around skateboard. Often referred to as the "Nickel," this board has the same power as the 22", but its larger deck is perfect for perfecting new skateboarding tricks or beginners looking for more stability.

29" Surfboard

Designed for weekday fun, the 29" Surfskate recreates the feel of surfing waves. This surfboard is designed for skill improvement, tight sculpting, and pumping that you usually get on a surfboard.

32” Skateboard

Our 32" Cruiser is our most versatile surfboard to date. The stiff nose and tail allow you to pop curbs, sand windowsills, photograph your friends or just cruise the streets. Its shape and size mimic cruiser boards from decades past.

36" Longboard

The Penny 36" Longboard is a cruiser's dream. Your favorite Penny's classic, the easy ride is now available on our longest board.

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