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When Should Longboard Bushings Be Replaced?

Jul 15,2022

longboard truck

To better understand a longboard's bushings, you should understand every component of its truck. The truck is the T-shaped piece at the bottom of the board to attach the wheels. Longboard trucks are very different from typical skateboard trucks in that they must be wide enough to accommodate the size of the longboard. There are two tracks on each longboard, which can be measured by the width of the truck's two main parts: the axles and the hanger.

bushing problem

Bushings usually wear out at some point, causing your truck to wobble, which can lead to wheel bite. Check the bushings and if you find them crushed or split on either side, don't hesitate to replace them as it will improve your ride.

Ideally, the bushings should match the brand of the truck so you know they will fit together well. However, some bushings will fit any truck well.

How to Replace the Bushing

If you decide that your current bushings are doing better, you can replace them. Methods as below:

Use a 12" wrench or designated slide tool to disconnect the kingpin nut to replace the bushing. Remove the ragged top gasket and bushing, then the hangar. Repeat the same process for the bottom bushing.

Add new washers and bushings, with the thicker of the two bushings on the bottom. Reconnect the hanger to the kingpin and pivot. Finally, use smaller washers and bushings on top.

Attach the kingpin nut to the kingpin.

Your first few rides can be squeaky and awkward. However, it should only take a few sessions to break them.

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