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Why Skate Skateboard At Night

Aug 19,2022

So why start skating Skateboard that night?

1. The streets are empty

Once the sun started to go down, people went home and there were fewer cars on the road. It's perfect for night skaters.

After dusk, you'll be able to gently cruise along some of the best streets in your neighborhood without getting run over by a car (as long as you're prepared - see below!).

2. Calm

Personally, I've always found night slips to be very calming and therapeutic. The streets are empty and being the only person skating around is relaxing for me.

If you ride with your crew, you'll feel like you're the only ones there.

3. Available hours only

For some people, that's not a problem, but if you're in a class all day, sometimes night skating is the only time you can hit the streets. Skating at night is perfect as you can quickly train for 1 to 2 hours and then go home and sleep.

4. A good time to practice

At times, trying to master a new trick and failing in front of a lot of people can be nerve-wracking.

If you tend to get nervous, go somewhere less crowded at night - giving you more room to practice.

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