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Why Sup Board so popular around the world?

May 31,2021

Sup board, also called stand up paddle board, we mainly provide inflatable Sup board, which is also the most popular at present. The reasons why it is so popular are as follows:

  1. The price is cheap. With the decline in the price of double wall fabric, the main raw material for inflatable paddle boards, a product that once cost more than 400 US dollars, now costs less than 200 US dollars.
  2. Convenient to store and carry. Compared with hard paddles, inflatable paddles are only inflated when they are in use, so they have a large volume. Other times, they are in a deflated state, which is very convenient for storage and carrying. There is no need for a pickup truck, no need to have a large space at home. It can be easily put down in any corner of the house. This allows more families to easily own one or more inflatable paddle boards.
  3. Can be taken to travel. The inflatable paddle board and all accessories can be placed in the backpack. Therefore, everyone who loves sports can take his beloved paddle board to travel everywhere. Gelinte Sup board provides a new way of travel for everyone.

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