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What are the classifications of skateboards?

May 31,2021

Skateboards are mainly divided into classic skateboard, longboard and cruiser boards.

The classic skateboard is our most common double kick skateboard. The most conventional size is 31"*8". The top is usually black griptape, and the base is a variety of patterns. It is the most suitable skateboard for various extreme actions.

The regular size of the longboard is 41 inches, with 70x51mm large wheels, suitable for downhill and road taxiing. Because the wheels are large and soft, the grip is very good, suitable for long-time sliding, and easy for novices, the board is wide and the wheels are large, and the sliding is very smooth. It is a skateboard that many girls like very much. The disadvantage is that it is large in size and not convenient to carry.

Surf skateboard usually made by northeast maple or Canadian maple, It provides a feeling of surfing on land and is the latest skateboard.

Penny skateboard is made by PP. It is very suitable for transportation and easy to use.Penny skateboard is very small and can be put into a backpack. It is a favorite means of transportation for many high-level skaters. The disadvantage is that the Penny skateboard requires very good technology and is not suitable for novices.


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