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Different Types Of Paddle Boards

Apr 02,2022

In order to find the best stand-up paddleboard, it's important to understand the differences between each type.

Note that there may be some crossover, as most people use their paddle boards for multiple types of activities, such as SUP surfing, recreational use, touring, and even racing. Below, you'll find the four most common types of SUP boards on the market.

All-round SUPS

Perfect for beginners and beginner paddlers
Versatile works in all conditions (flat or choppy water) and all skill levels
Most Common Stand Up Paddle Shapes
Most beginner paddleboards are family-friendly (and dog friendly!)


Perfect for intermediate to advanced paddlers
For those who want more action from their paddleboard experience - Surf SUP!
Less stable to water = easier to fall off
Very maneuverable on waves, highly choppable
Oversized surfboard with a paddle
Tourist boat

Perfect for serious paddlers interested in high-intensity workouts
Designed for long distance travel in flat water, open ocean, bays, and lakes
Designed for maximum glide and efficiency
Usually wide enough and stable enough for beginner paddleboarders looking for the perfect race board

High Performance/Racing SUPS

Designed for flatwater racing, hitchhiking, or open sea racing
Extra length and extra width produce fast sprint speed and long glide efficiency
Sometimes challenging for beginners, but perfect for elite and recreational racers

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